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Island Shores Subdivision
Kenai, Alaska




There are only four lakes big enough in the Borough of Kenai, Alaska that can allow floatplane access. Out of these four lakes, only two (including Island Lake) allow floatplanes to take off and land from all four directions (North, East, South or West) on any given day of the year. But there is only one of these lakes that has a 8.79 acre island majestically floating in the middle of it; only one with public access to it; and only one with sport fishing year around, on the water or through the ice, thanks to the efforts of the Alaskan Forestry Department. Island Lake is yearly stocked full of huge habitat fresh water trout, and Cohoes salmon, purposefully tendered to maintain an abundance of this natural species, to keep it from becoming just another fished out resource.

The Island is located near, but not in, the Kenai National Moose Range Reservation. The very top of the Island is a plush pasture of fauna, known to be the den of more than one nesting moose and calf. And although you could hunt your subsistence from the front porch of your cabin, most Alaskans prefer to do their game hunting in the nearby Wrangell Mountains where everything is wild and bountiful.

The Island on Island Lake boasts of over eleven miles of pebble beach coastline surrounding its protective coves and long strident beaches. No messy shoreline mud to walk through in order to dock your plane, skiff, or canoe. The island rises from the shoreline approximately two hundred feet to the pasture above, through a forest of plush mature trees, including every type of flora that grows on the Kenai Peninsula. There is not a single lot on the island that does not have a private hideaway from its neighbor due to the geographic layout, nor do many lots not have the presence of the mysterious sleek white terns that fly to Alaska from Argentina, or Antarctica, migrating for the summer to hatch their young in the Island trees before returning home in the winter.

You will find the map of the Kenai Peninsula attached to this web page which will acquaint you with the location of the "Island Lake Subdivision." Only ½ hour south of Anchorage, as the crow flies, the Island is located 11 miles northwest of the city of Kenai, with year round paved roads to Island Lake. The lake has a consortium of beautiful homes spotting its outer shore, making access to civilization a happy retreat when necessary.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough is that part of Alaska commonly referred to as the "Banana Belt." Ranging from the Anchorage portage to the Homer spit, 100 miles away, this coastal community along the Cook Inlet, brags of its warm winters and sultry like summers that spread from Anchorage, down the Kenai Peninsula, to the sandy Homer Spit. Homer, as anyone that has ever visited Alaska will testify, is an artist colony and fishing village that has spawned the likes of such young pop stars such as "Jewel," and many a seawafarer. It also preserves the oldest known building on the sea spit known as the "Salty Dawg Saloon." It is there you can purchase the bumper sticker that reads: "Homer, a quaint drinking village, with a big fishing problem."




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